Wondering Why Can’t I Download iOS 16 ? Here Are the Reasons !

Why Can’t I Download iOS 16 – Read this guide in order to know the causes and also the tips how to overcome the problems on iPhone or iPad !

As you can see that iOS 16 already rolled out in the mid September and of course bring many new features and some improvements for the Apple user.

Like any other user, you want to download it as fast as you can in order to make your phone as secure as possible. Yet, there are many people who keep asking “why can’t i Download iOS 16”.

Reasons Why Can’t I Download iOS 16

There are some reasons why you can’t download iOS 16 in your iPhone. Some of the reasons are explained below.

  • Your iPhone or iPad is not in the new iOS supported devices list which means you need to change your iPhone into newer version.
  • You haven’t deleted the iOS beta version.
  • Your internet connection is not stable nor in good condition.
  • Your iPhone doesn’t have enough space to download the update.
  • Out of power.
  • Last but not least, Apple’s service is overloaded.

How to Update to iOS 16 ?

If you already checked on the list that your iPhone is still on the supported devices list, you can try to do some things so that you can update to iOS 16.

As you can see, the reasons “why can’t I download iOS 16” is mostly based on the space, your phone requirement and also internet connection. So first thing you need to do is to make sure everything is in good condition.

How to fix Can’t download iOS 16 on iPhone

Tips 1. Restart or Reboot your iPhone

The first solutions on issues “why can’t I download iOS 16” is restarting or rebooting your iPhone. In a matter of fact, rebooting the phone almost solved many problems that appears regarding the software.

To restart your device you can simply Press and Hold on the power button. After that you can choose and drag the option of Slide To Power Off.

After your iPhone turn off, maybe you need to wait several times. If you already wait, you can turn on the iPhone by Press and Hold The Power Button after Apple logo appears.

Tips 2. Delete Beta Version

Why can't I download iOS 16
Delete Beta Version might help

Another causes of the issues “Why can’t I download iOS 16” is the beta version is still on your devices. You can delete the Beta Version to solve the problem.

  • Open Setting. 
  • Choose General and scroll down until you find the Profile, after that tap the option.
  • Tap iOS Beta Software Profile. 
  • Delete the Profile. 
  • After Finish, Reboot your device first.
  • When the steps is done, you can go to download iOS 16.

Tips 3. Make sure you have good internet conditions !

Tips 4. Free Up Space in Your Apple Devices.

Another reasons why you keep failing to update your iOS is there are no spaces left in your devices. Therefore, you need to free up some spaces.

You can delete some useless apps, old messages, unwanted photos, medias, videos or even songs in order to give some space for updating your iOS.

If you don’t want to lose your data, you can easily back up your device first.

Tips 5. Keep your device charged so the battery will not drop when updating your iOS.

Tips 6. Wait Several Times.

Tips 7. Update iOS 16 Via iTunes.

Already do all of the tips above and having “why can’t I download iOS 16” issues ? No need to worries. This issues also often happens to any users.

Simply, you can try to update your iOS through iTunes.

Tips 8. Switch to Airplane Mode

Last but not least, you can try to use Airplane mode in order to make your phone update to iOS 16. The step is pretty simple that we believe you can even follow.

  • Go to Setting.
  • Enable Airplane Mode in the setting.
  • Switch Off your device first.
  • Wait for 10 seconds or so on.
  • Turn On your device.
  • Toggle Airplane Mode Off. 
  • Update your device in normal way by go to Setting > General > Software Update. 

Bottom Line

That are several tips you can follow if you encounter issues of “Why can’t I download iOS 16” on your Apple devices. Hope this will be helpful.

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