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5 Popular and Important Types of Car Insurance

Are you planning to buy a car in the near future? You need to learn about different types of car insurance so you can get the best benefits from it. Given that each car insurance has different coverage, thus, you need to delve more into it.

Some auto insurance cover injury and theft while others reimburse property damage expenses. That is why you need to know about the policies so that you can choose the best one. Here is some information on car insurance for your consideration.

5 Most Common and Crucial Types of Car Insurance

Here are 5 types of insurance car before purchasing one so you can choose the best protection for your vehicle.

Types of Car Insurance – Liability Car Insurance

This insurance should be on your top list because it will help you protect the legal fees, other people’s medical expenses and damages should you cause any accident. Even when the worst case happens, such as the other party died, the insurance will help you finance the funeral expenses.

However, you need to read through the coverage because each area has their own policies regarding this insurance.

There are two components in this car insurance type, i.e.:

  • Property Damage Liability: help covers the repair expenses of other people’s vehicles and properties caused by you
  • Bodily Injury Liability: to help you pay the medical expenses of other party’s if the accident is your fault.

Collision Insurance

types of car insurance

You should also consider this car insurance type because it will cover all the required repairment expenses caused by your car. This will be a great benefit for you because it will reimburse any damages on the other people’s vehicle or properties.

Nevertheless, know the coverage well before picking one so as to you can get the maximum benefits from this insurance.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage

The underinsured motorist coverage will also be your great help because it will protect you when you are hit by a driver who does not have enough insurance. While an uninsured one is your protector should a driver with no insurance at all hit you.

Comprehensive Insurance

Make sure you pick comprehensive insurance for your car given that it will compensate for any theft, damages or loss from fire, hail, other falling objects or animals. Such insurance will be beneficial for you who live in areas that are prone to experience those kinds of damages.

Thus, you need to consider taking one should you live in a similar area.

Emergency Roadside Insurance

This type of insurance is a must because it will help you in many potential problems you may encounter with your broken car. The coverage may include the following:

  • Jump start your dead battery
  • Refuel your vehicle if you run out of gas
  • Unlock your car should you accidentally left your keys inside
  • Repair your flat tire
  • As well as towing your car to the nearest shop or to your home.


It is time for you to decide which car insurance will be your best option given that you have learned about these 5 important ones. Make sure that you do your research on companies’ policies and coverages so as to you can get the most out of the one you choose.

Hopefully, you can get one of the above types of car insurance for your best interests.