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What Is Full Coverage Car Insurance?

Are you having a question on what is full coverage car insurance?  A full coverage insurance is an insurance that combines different coverage to help protect the owner both in an accident and non-accident damages such as vandalism, theft or bad weather.

Such insurance is not required by law but in certain circumstances you might need it. Thus, learn more on the benefits of full coverage auto insurance so that you can determine whether you need it or not.

Read the following information on this car insurance type to help you learn more on it so that you can decide which one to take and get the most out of it or leave it.

What is Full Coverage Car Insurance?

A full coverage insurance offers a combination of insurance coverage that will financially cover your car damages, the passengers inside and other parties in an accident. In general, such an insurance will cover the following policies:

Liability Insurance

This insurance will protect you financially should the accident be your fault; thus, you can cover the medical expenses and vehicle damages of the other party.

Collision Insurance

This insurance will reimburse the expenses you pay on fixing your car out of collision with other vehicles or other objects such as trees, lamp posts, retaining walls, fences and so on.

Comprehensive Insurance

The damages on your car caused by incidents such as fire, theft, vandalism, falling objects, weather and more are under the coverage of this insurance type.

However, a full coverage may also include other insurance coverage such as Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage, Personal Injury Protection, Medical Payments, and more. Thus, you need to contemplate the most suitable one so you can get the maximum benefits.

Pros and Cons

There are some pros and cons regarding this car insurance type as in the following.


  • Helps you meet the requirements of the lessor, lender as well as state ones
  • Helps protect in any accident such as on where the at-fault driver has a limited insurance or if he does not have any
  • Help you finance the medical expenses should you hurt yourself in an accident
  • May cover damages that are not caused by accident such as theft, animals, hail or falling objects


  • You have to reconsider it because it is more expensive than the basic auto insurance coverage
  • Does not cover any damages or malfunction due to daily usage
  • If you use your car for commercial purpose, rethink about getting one because it provides no coverage on such a commercial work

How Much Is the Full Coverage Insurance?

What Is Full Coverage Car Insurance?
What Is Full Coverage Car Insurance?

The full coverage insurance is way more expensive than the basic one because of the collision inclusion. Each area and states have different rates; thus, you need to do your research to get thorough information.

Learn about the benefits well before getting the cheapest full coverage insurance so you can achieve your maximum profits. Read the following full coverage insurances in 5 major cities in the USA for your consideration.

City Full Coverage
New York City $ 4,560
Atlanta $ 2,130
Detroit $ 8,178
Los Angeles $ 2,706
Boston $ 2,646



There is no best car insurance for full coverage that will perfectly protect your car. However, full coverage insurance will cover most of them. Upon knowing what is full coverage car insurance; you need to decide whether to take it or not. Make sure this combination of coverage is what you are looking for so that it will benefit you.