Getting to Know the Average Car Insurance Cost Per Month

The average car insurance cost per month as well as its rates differ due to some factors such as credit score, driving record and location. Some insurers will highlight certain aspects better than others due to their own policies.

Thus, it is important for you to get more than two quotes from the insurers so that you can pick the most suitable offer. Read the following passage so that you can learn more on the particular subject to help you get the right and suitable information.

Average Car Insurance Cost Per Month and Annually

The average car insurance cost in the USA is around $136 per month and it hits $1,630 annually for full coverage one. However, personal car coverage insurance rates may differ due to the following factors:

  • Current locations
  • Driving history
  • The model and make of your car
  • Coverage you choose

Let us delve more on this so that you can learn from the following summary. This way, you can choose the most affordable one.

Average Car Insurance Cost by Locations

Make sure you do your research before getting a car insurance because your location brings a huge impact on its rates. This happens because every state has their own different regulations.

Check out the following examples of insurance cost according to some states:

State Minimum Coverage Full Coverage
Idaho $ 330 $ 1,027
Ohio $ 380 $ 1,066
Vermont $ 336 $ 1,074
Iowa $ 237 $ 1,131
Florida $ 1,085 $ 2,775
Nevada $ 965 $ 2,489
Louisiana $ 920 $ 2,986
South Dakota $ 299 $ 1,466
New Jersey $ 957 $ 1,901


Average Car Insurance Cost by Driving History

Make sure that you are a good driver because your driving record will bring a significant impact to your insurance rates. Should you be caught driving under the influence (DUI) then you will likely increase your insurance cost.

Here is how much a DUI brings effect to your auto insurance cost:

  Minimum Coverage Maximum Coverage
Clean Record $ 561 $ 1,134
Recent DUI $ 1,630 $ 3,139


Average Car Insurance Cost by The Model and Make of Your Car

Choose your vehicle wisely because the model and make of your car affect its rates. Insurance companies will charge more on certain cars such as luxury and sports ones or electrical ones.

Check out the insurance rates of the following popular cars:

Popular Car Model and Make Average Annual Coverage Premium Average Monthly Coverage Premium
Jeep Wrangler $ 1,406 $ 118
Honda CR-V $ 1,359 $ 113,5
Hyundai Tucson $ 1,406 $ 118
Subaru Outback $ 1,336 $ 111,5
Mazda CX-5 $ 1,412 $ 120
Ford Escape $ 1,442 $120


Average Car Insurance Cost by Company

Check out the information on average insurance car cost from 7 large company below:

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Nationwide $ 90
Progressive $ 104
GEICO $ 104
USAA $ 106
Allstate $ 170
State Farms $ 108
Farmers $ 131



There are many factors that impact the car insurance rates such as where you live, your age, your credit records and more. You can minimize the rates by controlling certain elements such as avoiding DUI or getting tickets and keeping your credit good.

Do your research so that you can get the best rate for your average car insurance cost per month.